October 13, 2008

I was so mad to day I had to go to work and Nelson got to stay home with the kids he'll be with them tomorrow again since it's Professional staff developmental day so they get 2 days off and I get to go to work, so not fair I tell ya.... OFF TOPIC
Anyone out their that's worked out a deal w/the sitter to watch your kiddos for 3 days instead of 5 days. DH will be home M&T so he figures why pay extra if we don't have to, Right Right!!! I agree so the sitter dropped like 50 bucks say what? She said think about it and I'll see If I re work the numbers yeah do that b/c 50 bucks won't cut it for 2 days off and dh picks em up early most of the time... I consider that the kids really like her and they just got attached to her, she provides all of the food for them not like day care but she does have a food program where she gets reimbursed ;) I know I should not be whining b/c she honestly doesn't get paid what she's worth she cares for my precious lives while I'm not around but I honestly can't afford it, considering what I make and what I pay for these 2 lil one's for full time care and for Gio's morning school program, biggg sigghh It's a huge bill weekly and it's starting to not add up that's why I was pondering the idea of just leaving my job all together around xmas time... The whole thing is just stressing me out, ya know. Okay rant over.. Here's some good stuff....
So I went the other day and got the templates I wanted with the gift card Chrissy gave me and I picked up her new kit for one dollar, Yay. Down below is the Layout I made using her new kit & the templates I picked up ;) Ohh and she was kind enough to put up on
her blog, Awesome ;)

Full Credits

This was a RAK fromMama Mia':Fall Stuffed Bag

Full credits here

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