September 08, 2008

Hi Everyone well I'll start off with saying that my sitter woes are over for right now. I found a nice person that came highly recommended. She's a lil serious for my taste but she's taking care of my kids not someone I'd hang out with, right! I took Ary and Mr.Mason to meet her and they seemed ok which is an awesome thing.
Have you ever had one of those lazy, laid back, not really want to do anything weekends well that was mine this weekend I didn't even want to go outside w/the kids and that's bad b/c my kids are trying to soak in every lil ounce of what's left of summer :( Helena kept telling me mom this fair is going on here and this one here and this one their, I was like no I'm waiting for the Big-E I told her that would be out yearly thang for fairs so she said, K ;)
Charlie has been a lil down and out she misses her older sister big time let's just say that she and Helena are not the best of friends they're really opposites :( and Rosemary is another state not in school (that's another drama) so she has no phone so Ms. Charlie will have to wait another week to talk to her sis :( all I could do was offer my motherly advice and make my dd's call it a wrap w/the fighting and rude comments to each other,... ahhhhh I love being a mom, LOL
This layout here below made GSO this w/end over at DST so unexpected and I rarely check them so it was a cool thing ;)

For the Sweet Inspiration Challenge Credits:Sibling Rivalry:Bratty Brothers by Kristin Cronin Barrow & Megan Mullens, Acrylic-O-Holic by Traci Reed &
Happy Snaps by Fee Jardine

A sample of the New Goodies at SBE go here for a closerlook....
Look who's back w/her Color Challenges, yeah the one and only Bren Boone Designs. Please make sure you go to the forum and check out the Rules and Stuff
It started already but no worries you still have time :)

This a new release by Bren Boone it's a perfect match for the Color Challenge..
ehhhh ;)
Make sure you check out the forum for a lil something special like a
coupon code, jejeje :p

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.....

5 Comentários:

Bev said...

yes, I had a weekend like that this weekend! I didn't get a darn thing done the whole weekend!

LuAnn said...

I love weekends of doing nothing!!! My kids don't LOL. you know, I always forget about the SBE store!!! I see some things I need to check out!! thanks!!

Creative Junkie said...

I have the most unproductive weekends. Is has something to do with the fact that I just want to sit down and veg out.

I have an Helena too! I love that name!

Stacey said...

Hey Mary!!!! Will have to pick up BB's kit for that color challenge, lol. I used one of hers, the back-to-school one, for the previous challenge. Miss being on Bren's team, she has great stuff thst I use. Will miss you at DI......I know you could come back in a heartbeat!

Melissa said...

Your layout was gorgeous definately deserving of GSO. Looks like some great products over at SBE, I'll have to pop over.

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