August 05, 2008

Hi Everyone long time no bloggin' lol well I'm gonna take another leave as of today. I'll be in Sunny Florida or Soggy Florida whichever is going on when we get their. :p but for now I have this funny store to share. My dd needed a library book for summer reading so I call the library that' were suppose to go to it's nowhere near my house and the lady answers I ask her what do I need to get a library card and she tell me so then I say oh and I want to know if you have this book, I start to laugh b/c I can't remember the name of it and so she does when I tell her I have it on the tip of my tongue, ahhhh.... she starts laughing more then I blurt out the name of the book "Stop Laughing at me" she says ohhh "I'm sorry" I'll stop so it took me like 3 sec's to hear what she said so I started laughing and I said no "Stop Laughing at me" is the name of the book, I want to know if you have it. So the poor lady is like oh oh and really starts to laugh and say bla bla bla well we both had a good laugh, I really needed that people at work thought I was crazy cuz I was laughing and tears were coming out I laughed so hard. I was happy the whole way home just thinking about my earlier conversation, that things that make us smile, ehhhh.
Some more things to make you smile.....
ScarletHeels this new set of sentiments out and she's guest designer at Scrap Orchard this month So go vist her at their store!

I don't have a layout to share b/c these were limited use to the Creative Team ;)
Brand New Teacher's Pet by Bren Boone available Shabby Pickle Designs

Heres my layout I did with the kit: Found here also

Thanks for stopping by.... Mary

5 Comentários:

Barb said...

Have a great trip, Mary! We'll miss you when you're gone.

afridigidiva said...

I'm glad to see you're posting again!
Have fun on your trip!

scapa1 said...

Have a great time in Florida (wish it was me...!)!!

lorig said...

What a fun story. We love our library. Have a great trip.

jaye said...

Have a wonderful trip. 'Don't Laugh at Me' is a wonderful story, very true and thought provoking.

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