May 14, 2008

Hi Everyone, I've been down and out for the count Allergies are kickin my butt big time. Yesterday I got home went to my bedroom w/Mr.Mason and we were sleeping by 6:45 pm. I can't believe he slept with me the whole time, he didn't wake up once that I could feel. FloNase and Zyrtec is helping a lil but my head feels like it will pop any minute, so not cool and I've been going to work everyday like this I'm just so annoyed cuz I feel like crap and I feel bad for my lil one's b/c they're like what's wrong with you, for them to notice I thought I need to call it a day and go sleep! I'm feeling a lil better today not awhole lot but a lil. I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep, ackkkk but I'm not I'm off to work but I want to leave you with this first, K
I'ts my turn for The Recipe Challenge over at Sweet Shoppe Designs if you love a challenge, no it's not super hard go check it out!

I did this layout with the Freebie from Peppermint Creative aka Miss Mint I love her stuff no I don't CT for her and I never have but I am a true fan as I know many of you are...

ScrapNArt Ezine is having a call
September/October Calls Now Open!
The calls for the July/August issue are now closed. However, no worries. We're already thinking ahead to our fall issue!
We had nearly FIFTY unique and talented scrapbook and paper crafting artists accepted for publication in the July/August issue, and here is YOUR chance to have a spot in our September/October publication!
Sept/Oct 2008 Issue Page/Project Calls
(Deadline July 1st, 2008):
"Fall Themed" Layouts & Mini Books:
• Halloween
• Fall Festivals
• Back to School & School-related layouts, paper projects & altered items (notebooks, planners, etc.)
• Fall Colors (layouts, cards, paper projects & altered items with fall color palettes)
• Layouts with Leaves
• Fall paper decorations & altered decorative items

Additional projects wanted:
• Layouts & Paper Projects using Paint (acrylic, watercolor, etc.)
• Breast Cancer Awareness Layouts, cards, paper projects, etc.
• Geek Is Chic—Layouts about gadgets and electronics
• Scrapbooking organization ideas - Show us how you organize your stuff. Upload pictures of your organized scrap space, custom scrap supply organizational products, etc.

We'd also like to see:
• Altered electronics & tools—did you paint, stamp, or cover your computer monitor, laptop, cell phone, Cricut machine, MP3 player, etc. with paper, stickers, bling, or other scrappy supplies? We want to see them!

4 Comentários:

thumper6423 said...

Sorry about your allergies. They've been kicking butt and taking names later in our house too. Those layouts are too cute! I really like the photo holders on the one for SSD.

Leigh said...

The pollen is out of control here, too. I hope you feel better soon! Cool mag calls! I'll check 'em out!

Heather said...

ugh on the allergies, my mom was just asking me if mine were bothering me because it's kicking her and my sister in the butt. I seem to have outgrown mine. She asks me this every year. LOL I hope the pollen goes down soon so you feel better!

And gorgeous layouts! I love the hinges on that last one!

Margaret said...

I hope your allergies are better. The only think that works for me is a product called simple saline, it's a rinse for your nose (not a mist). That stuff really clears you out! It's not medicine, just a salt and water solution. Some people have also been successful with a Neti Pot. The Simply saline is similar to that

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