December 19, 2007

I went in and I did it I had to be at the hospital @ 6:15 am for my tubal, it was one of the hardest decisions I've had to make but I knew I was ready I've contributed to this world 6 beautiful lives, my love will be focused on what is already in my home lots of futures for my family :( I'm officially done especially with everything getting so expensive and ro going to college soon... Yeah were more than good, my dh was way too chicken to get himself get fixed so It was up to me, it makes me think of sex in a different way now, I mean their was always an opportunity to have a baby and well now that's gone! KWIM. I did a layout last nite w/a lil journaling about my decision here it is!!!! Full Credits Here

One more of mr Mason he's 2 mths already the thingy at top is a lil wonky cuz it's off by a couple days he's really already 8 wks and couple days. Full Credits Here


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2 Comentários:

Sara E said...

oh dh got was his turn

anyway.... cool LO about the kids

evitangel said...

great things!

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