December 27, 2007

Heres a pic of Helena and Ary at the beach from this summer, I love how they're sharing an icecream and the quote is perfect! SweetShoppe Designs Creative Team. Full Credits Here

Here is a pic of Mr. Mason on Xmas Eve. Full Credits Here

Hi everyone Christmas has come & gone I'll share some pics down below..... On to some announcements Have you had your eye on some items over at SBE, well go now they're having a 25% sale until the 2nd of Jan.

and if you've been waiting for a coupon code from Christy Lyle of SweetShoppe Designs then head on over here to The SweetShoppe Blog and scroll to the bottom for that lil treat ;)

2 Comentários:

scrappermimi said...

Love these LO's! The bold colors and great design really rock!

evitangel said...

I love your layouts! they are really awesome!

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