September 27, 2007

I'm almost due and don't have a name picked out yet, my ds will be leaving the hospital w/out a name if we don't agree [that's dh and I] on something soon. We've spit out so many names I don't know anymore tell me I'm not the only one with this problem. :( Anyways here's a pic of me
This is me at my 35 week mark but I measure 37 weeks. Lucky Me ehhhhh, I used all Blog Freebies for this layout and let me just say I appreciate every single one of em. Full Credits Here
Scrapbook-Elememts Creative Team layout of my dh and I, it was taken at the Big E were eating a funnel cake, mmmm!!! Full Credits here

Scrapbook-Elements Creative Team layout of my dd and ds last year at a Fall Festival. Full Credits here. I just love the big O' Alphas and they come in pink!!!!

Scrapbook-Elements Creative Team layout of my ds at the Big E enjoying his ride. Full Credits Here. This Kit has got to be on of the cooolest for a boy and if he's a Bob the Builder or Tonka Truck lover this is perfect!

2 Comentários:

absolutartist1 said...

Awesome LOs! And, Ayieee! 6 kids?!?! Best of luck - my two are a handful! LOL

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Good luck with your newest little guy. You'll know just the right name when you first look at him. Have a great day!

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