August 12, 2007

We all had an awesome weekend, Cesy my SiS came from NJ w/her DH, 2 kids and 1 guest that didn't make much of a peep he was very well behaved and didn't speak much, Just the kinda kid I love as a guest, bad I know, I know..... Saturday we all got up came downstairs made breakfast, talked watched tv ya know the usual then around 3:00 we went to Crystal Lake not to far from our house. Came home had a BBQ cuz we were celebrating Helena's 13th birthday, yup she turned 13 on the 10th of Aug. She didn't get gifts per say but she did get a Nice check $$$ and we cut her a cake, afterward we went to a Firefighter fundraiser/Carnival to support our small town and took all the kiddos - DH's they stayed home. By the time we got home it was 10:30 and the kids were pooped.
Sunday: They slept till like 8:30 which is very unusual for all of em but good for us cuz we watched TV, talked, and then after lunch time all the kids went outside to play in the sprinkler, pool, and run around like crazy. I'm glad everyone had fun and they went home happy. :)
Something about templates this weekend I saw em and had to use em as you'll see below......

My ds at the lake living it up and diggin' up the sand. I did this layout for my OneofAKindScrapz Team Layout. I used a template I got from Simply Sarah Blog... Full Credits here.

I did this layout for Micheline Martin Creative Team Duties: Layout found here.

I did this layout after looking at a template I snabbed off of a blog/forum by SchmooAngel. I had to alter it a bit but it's hers. I used a variety of Designers but I wanted to keep it mostly mono.
So what do you think? Did I do a good job of keeping it almost mono. jejeje Credits Here

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-eVa- said...

I really love your LOs, they look great!

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