August 07, 2007

Hi Everyone

Today I'm going for my 28 week c-up so they can measure me and tell me how much fatter I've gotten whooppiieee!!!! LOL That also means I 'll be leaving work early, Yay I get to home for a nap cuz I 've been soo tired and sleepy and I'm getting my 8hrs it's just the baby that makes me pooped at least that's what the OB at my office said, like I didn't already know but she likes to voice it out loud to me, ya know!
On to some layouts I did for my Creative Team Duties

Scrapbook-Elements CTeam Layout: I used 3 designers for this one: Full Credits found here
OneOfAKindScraps CTeam Duties: 2 Designers for this one-Full Credits Here
For this Layout an OAKS Collaboration, I used Chocolate Covered Cherries Kit Free w/10.00 Purchase Available at OAKS, Full Credits Here and the kit is below

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