July 30, 2007

I took the kids to this lil carnival on SAT. it benefits the Firefighters so it was for a good cause and the kids had a great time, I have a lil thing with my dd though she is really spoiled.. ok so I know she's been spoiled but not as bad as I thought till this w/end, She is so starting to get punished and so is my dh if he doesn't stop babying her, I'm going to stress to the point where I'll give birth early... ARRRGHHHH!! She's a brat my brat but her attitude is beyond my patience, ARGGHHHH.
Ok rant over, I'll be okay.

Now onto all the layouts I did this w/end. I got a new gig at OneOfAKindScrapz aka OAKS for the month of August but I go to play early just because woo hoo, LUCKY me!!!

Sherry Ferguson-Cheer Star:Credits Here

Arrows 2 by Heather Watson and Black to Basics Pp pk by Sherry Ferguson Designs

Micheline Martin Designs, I know I made this but it's my FAVORITE: Credits here

Micheline Martin-Credits Here

Micheline Martin Designs: Credits Here
I have a lil secret, I'll be able to spill after the 1st, jejejeje..... ;)

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