November 29, 2006

Gosh have I been bad at updating, LOL oh well who reads this anyways? Whoever you are leave me a comment, K..... I've been home since Monday from our N.Carolina trip and I'm so bummed I have to go back to work tomorrow I can imagine all the complaining I'm gonna have to listen to tomorrow, Yay Lucky Me (in my sarcastic voice) anywho that' work so I'll roll with the punches. The trip was great much needed R&R didn't you just hear me rant about work, jejeje. The kids totally loved it Giovanni wanted to stay behind but that was a definite no,no! I'm gonna post some new layouts I've done so many but they haven't all made it here. I know I know I'll try to keep up. Thanks for stopping by.

My sis's and I... FullCredits HERE

Sooty Santa Kit by Rina Kroes
Full Credits can be Found HERE

Lady Bug Love by Terese Johnson
Full Credits can be found HERE

Thankful Kit by Penny Springmann
FullCredits HERE

1 Comentário:

Robin said...

Hi Mary!!! I know that not wanting to go back to work feeling! Go through most days LOL! :) Love your pages too!!!

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