October 30, 2006

Had a really crazy day it was busy non stop and the phones were like back to back and the worst towards the afternoon I got accused of hanging up on someone ahhhh say what, who me? I don't think so cuz no matter what I listen try not to interrupt when you are speaking and if you curse and scream I still stay on who can give better customer service than that? I never take it personal everyone has their days but the accusation really pissed me off. It's not my fault the company has an outdated system that doesn't beep, play music, or have a voice saying something like PLEASE HOLD we'll be right with you, so you know when the person on the other end says Please HOLD you're really holding and no one hung up on you and after the girl complained did she get what she wanted noooooo why cuz it wasn't available! Ok so much for the smarty pants of the world but let me take my deep breaths and say just F**k it cuz I know i'm good and that's all that matters! blah blah over!

Aracely at 13 mths Credits: HERE

Giovanni playin ball Credits: HERE

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Lori said...

LOL..Sorry don't mean to laugh. But you are too funny!! You are good!! I can vouch!! ;)

Love your layouts you've been doing. Of coarse you always do great work anyway! :)

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