August 25, 2006

I finally scrapped this morning I had the urge to let some creative juices flow <--- Link for Luxuriantly Kit
and all other elements by Diamante Designs, Heart Doodle by Linda Hanlon
I guess I need to go into work late every Friday!
jejejeje ;)

I also have some great news my Giovanni will be going to preschool, Hip Hip Hooray I'm so siked for him and he is too. He's already enrolled in head start so I knew he was going but only part time and b/c of work I needed full time but I thought hey something is something, right! Yeahhh Rigghhttt, they called me on Monday from the other school in case one wasn't avail. I did 2, u know we gotta have a back up. So I went today enrolled him and he's all set for full time 7 am to 6 pm woo hoo something was workin for me. I love the setting to it's completely different from the head start and they have a great ciruculum 2 +'s.
He won't be too happy when he sees his sisters going to school and he's not. He'll be starting mid Sept. Yowzers!
I'm gonna try to scrap some more tonite when I get home from setting up the hall, I'f i'm not to tired. We shall C, I'm gonna have help Ro's dad is already in town he already came by to pick her and Charlie up so they're hangin out as I write this and he'll have a hand in setting up.
DH will be home watchin' the lil one's while I try to get it done.
Till Tomorrow or later.....

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