August 24, 2006

Here's a few pics of Ro in her dress she's so happy she found this one and so am I it suits her attitude perfectly, not that she has one, ya know what I mean! Everyone has there outfits for the Chin-Ding. Some are happier than others about there outfits but hey it's only one day so Deal Charlie! jejeje. On to the pics!

This is Rosemary's Favorite cuz she says it shows off her dress and she's not facing forward, I like this one too. We picked this one as her main picture to be displayed as you walk into the Hall

This one was another favorite she likes the way
the Virgin is in back of her and the flowers she's
holding in her hand offset her a lil. I like it but I can't quiet get the details of her dress, Hmmm I wonder what I was doing wrong?

This is another one of Rosemary's favorites she loves the lil flower in her hair so we've decided to use one on the day of her Sweet 16 which is this Sat. She doesn't have any pics w/her crown cuz it's still in NJ w/'Tia'Cesy she bought it and she's bringing it. It's a surprise for Ro cuz she hasn't seen it but I have. ;)

I haven't scrapped cuz I've been so busy finishing up the final plans and buying last minute items like cups, napkins forks, plates a must or else where will people put there food and eat it with.
The menu is " Pernil, Bistec, Pollo Asado, Arroz con Gandules, Mac Salad, Green Salad, Potato Salad, Buffalo Wings and some other additions.
We will be going tomorrow after work to set up the hall well some of it and we'll leave everything there make a list and check it twice to make sure we haven't forgotten anything even though it's 100% guranteed something will be missing. LOL
I'm off for now, I'll try to update Sat on the big day.

2 Comentários:

Maby said...

VERY cute fotos mujer! I like the LO you did w/ that and the conversion to b/w. Can't wait to see more layouts. And FINALLY you have a blog jejeje I'll make sure to bookmark it.. You make sure to bookmark mine too k?


Kim said...

How BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love the flower in her hair too!

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