July 30, 2013

Weekend clean-up

July 27-28
Some photos from our weekend clean up.
 I love this PhotoApp called Action Grid for Instagram.  It's only for droid users I know this
 b/c my dd searched for it on her IPhone and could never find it. Finally something I can 
say naaaanaaa naaanaaaa I got it and you don't! :p

This photo app is Photo Grid. I dropped my Galaxy Note in the movie theater bathroom and thought I shattered the whole phone, luckily it was only my beloved camera. :(  I am way to cheap to pay someone to change it out so thanks to you tube I took it apart this weekend and I have my Awesome baby back. I am now thinking about changing my cover b/c it's chipped and stuff....

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Heather said...

So awesome, thx for sharing.

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