December 31, 2012

Ringin in 2013

The end of 2012 has been a true trial of my faith. I am not a religious person I will admit that but I have unanswered questions that will forever haunt me. I try and try not to question the what's and if's but when you have lived a day in my shoes, I think that it's a very valid response to everything that's happened to my family.
We have ended this year alive, anew, grateful for our breaths we take today and maybe tomorrow. We suffered a horrible car accident our 3rd day into our Family Vacation.  We were well into having left the beach we were visiting and as we were making a left we were sideswiped by a truck. We were all a little bruised some of us more than others and some us came out w/breaks, fractures and stitches. All I know is we came through w/our lives and I am happy for that.
Some lady saw me a few day's later in the bathroom as she was piling on her makeup in the mirror looks over at me and says, OMG what happened to you? Your scars look so bad. I tell her I was in a car accident, she says omg but you look terrible you poor thing now you have to deal with all those scars. I pause think about what I'm going to say b/c I can be brutal with words and I say to her I may be scarred and bruised but I walked away with my life. What would have been worse is if my kids would've had to bury me and see me in a casket, how ugly would that have been what scars do you think would be worse? She says ohhh you have kids I say yes 6, 5 living and one died in 2010 so we know what it is to lose something sacred and loved so this for me is nothing and I don't think I could have surpassed the loss of any other of my children so I'm ok with this, my life is far more greater than some scars. Have a great day.

Here are my lovies in all their lively glory.
Hope you ring in the New Year w/your most valued loved one's :)

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My Meddling Mind said...

So glad to read that you and your family are okay from that horrible experience. All the best to you:) Happy New Year!!

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