November 17, 2011


I have been away for a while b/c we had a crazy wicked snow storm 2 days b-4 Halloween and needless to say it was crazy. We lost power for 8 days and it took alot of time to clean, catch up and get over my already feeling down spiral.
Ohh one good thing was my awesome dh bought me a new laptop to cheer me up... my other one was like 6 years old and the screen was going in and out. So it was an early Xmas gift... YAY!!
That also took me some time to transfer, upload programs and tweek my new laptop to my liking. and now I'm back and I've been working on some layouts.. so I'll share those for today :)
Credit: DigiKit-With Much Thanks-Full Kit By Angie Kovacs
DigiKit - Simple Starts 20-23 By Jen Martakis

quiet time
Credit DigiKit-Loverly-the full kit By ChrissyW
November Freebie Template by ChrissyW

leaf play
Credit :DigiKit - Well Worn Kit by Dianne Rigdon

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