October 24, 2011

Birthday weekend, Digital Layouts

This weekend was mr mason's Birthday weekend he turned 4. He's such a sweet and tender lil one. He says please, Thank you and passes gas quietly and oh so grossly and says nothing when he walks away from the smell. We all lol when he does it b/c we know it was him... but who cares we love our lil man.... To celebrate our lil man we took him to the Y to swim as long as he could he got bored after an hour.
After we went to buy his ohhh so Fab slushie from Cumby's and then headed home where we later went across the street to the Pit as the kids call it to let them climb the mounds of rocks and dirt. He thought it was the most wonderful thing to do.
I didn't do a traditional celebration b/c I was in no mood sadly enough this is true since Charlie's one year anniv was 9.25 then her birthday 3 days before Mason's 10.19. This whole time of the month just zaps my mood, mojo and everything related to celebrations. I know a good mother would pull up her big girl panties and deal but I just couldn't! I did bake him a Devil's Food cake and put some Fall sprinkles on it, yay go mami at least I got the mojo to do it and he loved it!
Now some digital goodness...
I Love To Read by Elo Designs
I Love To Read
My page
My layout for the TwoPeas in a bucket Creative Team
Credit: DigiKit-Halloween The Kitby Jen Martakis
DigiKit-Torn Alphas By Edeline Marta10-23-11-hh-JenMartakis_Halloween-emarta-tornalphas
Mr Mason loving his optimus prime costume, he's ready to tot.
Credit: Creative Felicity Kit by Studio Tangie Baxter & Ju Kneipp Designs
Peppermint Patti Templates by Queen of Hearts *coming soon*
Mr Mason loving his paint..