September 28, 2011

One yeas as an angel...

I got this off of my dd' Charlie's Facebook page, I had a duhhhh moment because I had
seen it before but never copied it so it will be safe here, I hope! All of these things are
so her.... Personality, Pet Peeves, loves and hate!

"Stupid questions deserve sarcastic answers.", Sock sliding on wooden floors, Sour Patch Kids, Spinny Chairs, bubblewrap, Mountain Dew, YouTube, I Love Cookie Dough, Chewing Gum, Grockit, Rice krispie treats, coolatas, I really hate slow computers, Adam Sandler, Flirting, Cuddling, Tubing, My Empire, Tetris Battle, BuddyPoke, Nightclub City, Restaurant City,
Yaoi 911 Writer Alex Woolfson
, Netflix, THE ROCK 106.9 WCCC, T-Shirt Hell, Snickers, trampolines, Duck Tape, Hot Showers, "I won't forget, I won't forget..", "So did you bring it?", "Sh*t..", "What are you gonna do there?" "Smoke pot, get drunk, and kill people,
Mom", i hate it when you miss someone
, but you can't do anything about it., " i have a question" teacher-walks away "um okay thats cool too", Spell IHOP then say NESS, Reading someone's status and thinking 'oh shut the hell up', I Hate When I Text A Paragragh And You Text Two Words, I remember when "party" meant birthday party, not drunken whore-fest., I Hate the Kid Who Reminds the Teacher About the Homework, Random laughter when remembering something, I hate waking up during a good dream and it won't come back!,
Sour Gummy Worms
, Not Giving a Fuuck, Finding Money In Your Pocket, Finding Money In Your Pocket, I love staying up late!, F**king Hate Mosquitos, I don't sleep enough because I stay
up late for no reason
, Bonfires, Laughing when someone falls, Yelling at inanimate objects,
No Homework, "Can't touch me! ....except for you. You can touch me.", All nighters,
I Love My Friends, Procrastination, ♫ I WAKE UP IN THE MORNING, FEELING LIKE...going
back to sleep...
, Comebacks that make the whole room go "OOOOOHHHHHH", George Lopez, Morgan Freeman's Voice, Joker, I love Holidays !, Google, The urge to smile when someone
is yelling at you
, My Family, Killing Zombies., Excuse Me . . . Excuse Me . . . Move B*tch!
I am so missing her, just to think that a whole year has passed since she PASSED and I
have no new photos of her w/her friends, going away to college, none of our family gatherings/celebrations. Everytime I snap a photo I know that she is not here to make
some sarcastic remark or whine about this or that!
I really miss it and those long fingers
of hers running through my hair or poking my belly button!LOL

I received a letter from Donate Life the other day they always send a letter asking if you
want to be taken or kept on their list. They also ask if you'd like to know about the
recipients of our loved one's organs, I have yet to answer this question. I thought that
one year later I'd be ready. I thought I'd have an answer, that I would want to know but
for now I am ok not knowing or hearing about any of em.

My family on the other hand are always asking me if and when I will inquire about them,
all I can respond with is when I'm good and ready and I'm not. How could I want to know
that they're loved one's are living happy lives or fulfilling their life while I'm depressed
and full of so much grief, it just will never make sense at least not now.....

Below is my Beautiful Angel hoping and wishing she has her wings and is looking over us.
Thanks for stopping by :)

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