July 29, 2011

Birthday, MScraps, Dunia

I recently had a birthday one more year of who knows whats to come after my heart wrenching loss last year, I just feel good to be here and to be able to enjoy what is still left of my family. It's not always perfect and happy but I'll take what I can and try to enjoy it. A quote by the Buddah- I share this because I have so much of it and I realize that I'm the only one who gets burned :/
Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else you are the one who gets burned!

I am missing one of my beautiful children here in these photos but we carry her in our souls and smiles :|
My 16yr old who will be 17 the age of our beloved Charlie next month...

My dh and I w/the kiddos....

My oldest dd she'll be 21 next month tooo... sighhhhh
where does the time go?

Cely's head is in the shot, lol my dh is such a clown!

Some creative team kits and pages...
New 7.29 @ DSB & MScraps
Better Together Kit by Dunia Designs
Better Together Kit by <span class=

07-24-11-<span class=
New 7.29 @ MScraps
Beautiful Life Guest: Jennifer Labre
Beautiful Life

Love in the City Collab by the Mscraps Designers
Love in the City <span class=

Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoyed my post!

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