March 07, 2011


We had snow again today only for a few hours we were more than happy to see it wasn't sticking... so this is how we spent most of our mid morning looking out the window

and then Mason on his big blue dog.. he totally loves that thing and he found it after we cleaned the garage and decided to sneak in the house. I said ok whatever since we can't be outside yet :p

Frame is by Kate Pertiet(Freebie)
It's Spring(PU/S4H) by Maria Designs

My dd cely last summer, she has cut all her hair off since she begged for over a month and finally her dad gave in, the great thing is it will all grow back!!!
Mr Mason picking wildflowers in our yard last year. I wish his hair were still like that, he also doesn't have any of this hair he cried when his barber shaved off his mohawk, he demands that I take him back so they can put his hair back, LOL kids they are to funny if only!!!



andi {the hollie rogue} said...

really cool idea for a blog. gorgeous scrapbooking! thanks for stopping by my blog and i'm following back. thanks for the kind words and prayers for my son's surgery. really appreciate it!