December 09, 2010

I have been trying to keep my mind busy by throwing myself into digital scrapbooking, I hardly go out and when I do I find it so depressing. Everything is just so festive and everyone walks around so happy and loving the gift shopping. It's just a lil irritating even though I try to fit in and join the crowd. I did have some good days but I'm back to my bad one's.
This year has been a hard one other than being laid off and losing one of the most important people to me my dd Charlie. I've had so many other things go wrong this year beginning back in March them May then Aug and the worst compared to none other --->Sept. I wonder now how I've kept my sanity how I've kept it together I tell you when life hands you lemons your suppose to make lemonade but I feel like I've been handed more than lemons. Lots of sour stuff has hit me and yet I try to take one minute at a time and work through it, if I didn't have my other kids around I'm sure I'd be in a Mental Hospital somewhere :(
I have to say that Mason keeps me sane he's my light at the end of the tunnel b/c he's with me all day, I just love laying with him watching Dora, Diego, Bob the Builder and Spongebob he makes me smile and I think I smother him to much but he lets me love him hug him and hold him I caught him today wearing the Santa hat and I thought he was to cute he also keeps me busy. Here's a pic of my lil munchkin

Credit White Winter by Sashinamama Design
Honey Pots 5 (altered) by BusyBee Designs
New 12.10- Navidad {Mercado Salvage Add On} &
{BUNDLE} Collab by Decrow Designs with Studio Tangie

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New 12.9: Little Ranch Heaven by Elo Designs
Subdued by Queen of Hearts

My page using the kit

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Pattern Overlays n°7

Peace at Christmas Time - collab with Kelley Mickus Designs

Serenity by Joyce Paul

Cherish Collab with Ju Kneipp

Be Inspired by Ivana

plenty by LieN

Christmas Postmarks by Erica Zwart

Follow The Curves:

Funky Cardboard Alpha - Inverse V2:



Masked 7 -Special Edition for Christmas/Winter by RuthMelody Designs

Holly by Yoshiko Designs

Merry & Happy by Scooty's Designs

Santa's Little Helpers by KimB

Brightly Shining {Mini} by Polly & Rufus Designs

Scraps by Number: Just Call Me Sasha by Stolen Moments

Boy Oh Boy by Heather T.

Jolly Season by Anita

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