September 15, 2010

I have been away for awhile on vacation and then loss of
internet so that was almost 21/2 weeks away it feel good
but weird I got alot of scrappin done since I had no internet
but than had over a dozen pages to upload, LOL We went to
sunny Florida and it was amazing rained or sprinkled more
like it 2x while we were there, I or we I should say are
so Beached out we went to the beach Sat, Mon, Tues, Thurs
& Fri in between we visited w/family I think the best out
of all the Beaches was South Miami Beach so calm and the
water was so blue, Pompano was good to except b/c of the
storm the waves were really hard and crashing but well worth
the visit! Gio poor thing on Thurs was like Ma please no
more Beach I don't even want to see the water but as soon as
he got there he was like swoosh mad dash for the water and
afterward hewent for walk with his dad in South Miami :)
Here are a couple pics from our trip :)

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