June 19, 2010

Today my dd is coming from Texas we are all
so excited and just counting down the minutes till
she gets here.. it's not a perm thing just for the summer.. We are going through a hiccup in the path that we
call our lives and when one of your children becomes
so selfish and self involved in only what they want
it becomes a burden on everyone and we have to get
past that but it's hard and makes me want to drive off
the path drop her off and keep going but then I'm told
that's me being selfish is it, it really? Please live
3 days in my home and you'll see what I have to put up
with and then maybe you'll drive that path with me...
Anyways rant over and woooo saaahhhh wooooo saaahhhh!!!

Good things are happening today and that's what counts!
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