May 31, 2009

I went to New Haven yesterday for some personal stuff and then I realized we were right by Yale Univ. and the kids
said mom let's go walk around so I said what the hey we
spent like an hour in the B&N bookstore walked around the school it's kinda like all in different places across
the street and stuff and of course they were having a
25 yr anniversary lots and lots of people walking
around w/their kids and all that good stuff.
The kids enjoyed it and then we grabbed a bite
to eat and then came home and watched movies.
SweetShoppeDesigns Creative Team:
Catch a Wave by Penny Springmann, Sand by Cali Designs &
Word Art by Jackie Edwards
My page using the kit

Color Combo Challenge #124 if your stumped or just want
to play then go here.
I am such a fan of these challenges!

Inspired Blueprints #22 Sketch Challenge.
Another one of my favorite challenges.

1 Comentário:

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a great family outing... great kit and layouts

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