February 12, 2009

Mr. Mason had an pneumonia but he's feeling much better now thank gosh, he's getting his treatments every 3 hours to break up all that stuff in his poor lil chest and last night I got him to go to bed without me... Yay seriously I mean Yay I could cry I'm so happy... I'm so drained I want a bed and the kids to not knock on my door for like 4 hours straight, not at all possible in my house but ok, whatever LOL
Bren Boone Designs is an Orchard Girl yep! She's at ScrapOrchard...
and here's her newest release. I dream of Poppies.
Down below are two pages I created using the kit ;)
My 1st page of Mr.Mason last year w/his toothless grin!
Image is clickable
This is another page I created using the kit above and I also used
This is SO Bec 2 Templates by Sine Designs
My dAry and dGio just horsing around, I love these moments.
Image is clickable
Lori Wiley has been on a serious roll look at this New Kit of hers: 02-10
Simplicity: Diamante Designs by Lori Wiley
available @ Diamante Designs & Scrapbook-Bytes

Here is my page of Mr. Mason in the grass last summer.
Image is clickable
Look who's haivng a call

3 Comentários:

Tammy said...

Beautiful layouts and thanks for the call information

Martencja Designs said...

really gorgeous LOs!!!!wow

Windgefluester said...

wonderful layouts and what for a great call i wish the day had more than 24h ;)

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