August 31, 2008

It's been a crazy week for me My mother n law quit on me from one day to the next, Yup no sitter. My MIL is on my crap list and dh knows this. She didn't have the nerve to tell me or him face to face she waited till she got home to call and let us know, WTF no reason at all well we can imagine it's b/c of my sil she lives with her she has 4 kids and one has no sitter so she new school was starting and made a choice a more planned out one would've made me not want to strangle her right now but nonetheless it's made and I had to scramble and I had to ask my husbands co-workers- girlfriend to fill in for me till I find a new sitter. No fun I tell ya no fun at all. The daycares will take my 4yr old but not my 10mth old b/c they have no space, the waiting list is long and bribery apparently will not work, big siggghhh!!!! The home care providers same story no space for my infant but my 4 yr old is welcome, I'm going to scream I swear maybe even have a nervous breakdown... I'd hate to quit my job suddenly for this reason but I've made my dept. head aware of what's going on.... we'll see what happens
The great news all the kiddos started school on Wednesday, Aracely was super excited to get on the bus she's in pre-k yay Go Ary and Gio's in the 1st grade woo hoo he says he's a lil sad all of his old friends are not in his class. LOl of all things oh and he made it clear he would not be sitting with his sister on the bus... Yeah what a great big brother ehhhh..
You still have time to save I definetly got the first two on the posting :)

Ahhh so many choices so hard to choose, I hate to hoard so I only pick a few :p

Thanks for stopping by.... Mary

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Kristin said...

Hey thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Sounds like you had kind of a crappy week too! Hope things are looking up for you. Good sitters are hard to come by!

I noticed that your baby and mine are almost the same age. Mine is 10 months 3 weeks today. Can you believe it's almost been a year?

I LOVE your layouts. They are fabulous! You are incredibly talented. And you CT for my favorite stores. I'm uber jealous!

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