November 21, 2007

Hi everyone... I'm leaving for my trip down south today. We'll be driving to N.Carolina for our annual Thanksgiving get together at my moms house. I love this time were we all sit around to talk, shop, and eat my moms home cooked meals, yummmm!!! I look forward to Black Friday we'll see what's good this year and hopefully get to pick it up. LOL I'll see ya when I get back! I'll leave ya with some inspiration, K ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cookie Decorating 101 @ SweetShoppeDesigns look at the inspiration, Ana is rockin the house over at the Sweet Shoppe with all her amazing layouts, she's really creative and this template Aggie made from her layout is just a lil insight into how much work and love she puts into her layouts!!!

Here's what I came up with. Full Credits Found Here

Here's the kit I used, It's absolutely an awesome "perfect pair"

OMG, I almost forgot we had snow yesterday I thought it wasn't going to stop it started around 6 in the morning and didn't stop till like 11 something in the morning. Ary and Gio both had to run and play in the snow, they love this stuff, yackkkk I say but it's a perfect excuse for some pictures.

Full Credits Here

Have a Great Thanksgiving with your loved ones and don't go into a Turkey Coma, K

2 Comentários:

Jalos said...

OMG I'm so jealous!
I would love to have snow!
But it isn't cold enough yet, we usually get snow around february/march, sometimes in december.
Happy thanksgiving we don't celebrate it here.

Victoria said...

I hope y'all have a safe trip to North Carolina! The snow layout is awesome! My kids would love to play and build a great snowman!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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