September 01, 2013

Featured Designer:Juliana Kneipp

Credit:*FREE with Your $10 Purchase* Learn & Grow kit by Juliana Kneipp  @ Sweet Shoppe Designs
*FREE with Your $10 Purchase* Learn & Grow kit by Juliana Kneipp
This is my son Mr Mas. once i saw this kit I knew I wanted to scrap the 2 photos pictured in the layout. He was so freakin happy about his new back to school shopping day. I think this was the hi-lite of it all though he told the cashier, No! don't put it in a bag! Please, give it to me! jajaja the guy was like OK!!  He stuck his new sneakers in the bag and practically danced out the door... It was so funny because this was the end of our day and we were all cranky and tired and he got all lit up again shopping at Marshalls, who knew....
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